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 How do we differentiate ourselves to other Chinese seafood restaurants in Chinatown? At East Ocean Restaurant, we keep live lobsters, king crabs, mud crabs, abalones, pipis, king prawns, and a large variety of fishes in temperature-controlled tanks. All the seafood you pick from our tanks are guaranteed fresh and of excellent quality!

East Ocean Restaurant specialises in live seafood cooking. Some of our specialties include pipis in home-made XO sauce or Sichuan-style, lobster braised with ginger & shallots, Hong Kong-style salt & pepper lobster, chilli king crab, wasabi king prawns, abalone in shark fin broth, coral trout in two courses, Sichuan-style mud crab, Peking duck in two courses, and many more.

Never tried abalone before? Come and taste the abalone served on a chilled ice-boat, or the abalone braised in secret supreme sauce. 

Talk to one of our friendly staff today about what’s on offer for a truly eye-opening dining experience!